Mike Hardy-Jones LLB, AMINZ


Areas of Mike’s expertise

Dispute Resolution
Relationship Property
Resource Management

Mike has been a partner of Hardy-Jones Clark since 1983.

Over his career of 36 years, Mike has practiced in criminal, civil, family, environmental and Maori jurisdictions. Mike primarily focuses on Civil Litigation and Resource Management cases and has extensive experience in Resource Consent applications, and opposition to applications and in presenting evidence and submissions at hearings.

Mike has a keen interest in Relationship Property and operates in this area of law at a senior level.

Mike has in recent years focused on developing the firm’s Dispute Resolution and Mediation services so as to provide the best options for resolving disputes as expediently and inexpensively as possible.

Some examples of Mike’s work include

  • Counsel for Rangitane Iwi Waitangi Tribunal claim, in which the tribunal accepted evidence of genuine grievances and need to transfer to the iwi culturally significant land.
  • Counsel for Save the Wairau in the Trustpower Energy Project case where rigorous conditions were imposed to protect the environment.
  • Successfully acting in opposition to aspects of the King Salmon application for salmon farm water space.
  • Acting as Senior Counsel for Ngai Tahu in the presentation of their case in support of a major mussel farm application.

Mike works with an experienced team whch includes:

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