Trusts, Wills and Estates

Several of our teams deal with the making of Wills, the settlement and administration of Family Trusts, and the administration of Estates.

We assist our clients in establishing a succession plan to manage wealth and assets during their lifetime, and to put in place robust structures for the passage of assets to the next generation.

In modern life, second or subsequent relationships and blended families are a common scenario, and the making of Wills and the completion of succession plans in these situations can require careful thought.  Our succession lawyers have extensive experience in this area and will offer guidance to enable pitfalls to be avoided and successful succession plans to be designed and implemented.

The administration of Estates is an area of our practice which we regard as being particularly important.  Our succession lawyers and other members of our teams have a great deal of experience in assisting families through these difficult times, and deal sensitively with the many aspects of Estate administration.

The lawyers practising in these teams also assist both corporate and private clients with the establishment and maintenance of Charitable Trusts and Charitable Companies.

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