Property Law

Several of our teams work extensively in Property Law.  The partners in these teams are supported by experienced solicitors and registered legal executives.

Our property law practice is multifaceted, and includes;

  • the buying and selling of residential property, including the preparation of Agreements for private transactions;
  • entering into Property Agreements between joint purchasers;
  • Residential Tenancy matters;
  • commercial and industrial leasing;
  • applications to the Overseas Investment Office for consent to acquisitions by overseas persons;
  • Unit Titles Act issues including advice in respect of Body Corporates formed under the Units Titles Act;
  • the acquisition, development and sale of industrial property;
  • the acquisition, development and sale of rural property, including related Resource Management issues;
  • subdivisions of all kinds, including large scale residential subdivisions;
  • bank financing and refinancing;
  • Public Works Act compulsory disposals.

Our many years of experience allow us to provide expert advice in respect of property issues unique to the Marlborough region, including in particular issues relating to properties within the Marlborough Sounds and issues affecting properties within our rural environment.

For our lead partners in this area with details of their teams see;